About the artist

Nicky Cairney is an Aberdeenshire based artist currently living in a small coastal village on the north east of Scotland. She graduated with a first class honours degree in Visual Communication in 2011 from Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen. She has worked in various mediums over the years but favours towards paper cut illustrations and stop motion animations. All her work is heavily influenced by light and shadows and illuminating the forgotten corners of the artist's childhood memories. Her wish is to inspire our raw sense of wonder we embraced in our youth and to capture our dreams which try so hard to remain out of reach or sadly lost and forgotten as we unravel into our adult lives.

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"Our age is something we grow into, but in growing up we also grow out of embracing the imaginary, creativity at its purest level and forget to tend to the fertile grounds of the wonderland we spent so long playing in. Lets find a way back."