Dioramas "Shadows of the past"

This set of three Dioramas were made specifically for Nicky's first exhibition "Light & Shadows" which was displayed for a month in Aberdeen Art Centre along with photography work from her sister, Lisa Cairney and Mother Angela Cairney. The dioramas were made with cut card inside a box which would display a backlight on a motion sensor, creating hidden images for a fleeting 20 seconds before fading out. These hidden images would give the viewer a glimpse into a world which has been lost either due to death or man made development, which has been forced away from nature and become something less full of life. The images of the ghosts question our mission to wipe out life for the sake of money or entertainment and where the true desire and beauty really lies when viewed in close comparison to each other.

The three subjects that were chosen, directly relate to what the artist felt affected by that year within the Aberdeen and Shire area. The first in the series represents Tullous Hill in Aberdeen. The deer which the council ordered culled incase they ate the saplings planted for the queens jubilee, now no longer roam the hills which brought nature and beauty to the boundaries of the city. Despite ongoing and well publicised protests, the council went ahead. The second in the series is the former trees (and the life that came with them) in Aberdeen's central Duthie Park. Some 300 old trees were taken down as the park was offered lottery funding if it was redesigned to its original plans. The third piece represents the Trump Golf Course built in Aberdeenshire. The development caused much controversy as local residents fought to remain living peacefully in their homes and the sand dunes which were seen as a SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) were destroyed for the development.

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